The revolutionary Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso- based coffee specialities offered by the WMF 1500 S

One of the most successful coffee machines from the global market leader. Includes all the great qualities of its predecessor and has also been significantly improved in many area.

Functions you can’t do without!

  • Milk Excellence Sensor Automatically height-adjustable spout dynamic Coffee milk system – protecting the milk system is also essential for consistently high milk quality. The Milk Excellence Sensor does exactly this job.
  • Slender with dream dimensions – impressive, slimmer the better. More space for other appliances.
  • SteamJet/steam shower- cups at perfect temperature, each cup is heated to the right temperature in seconds.
  • Easy milk System – mixed cold milk drinks, hot milk foam, hot milk also cold milk can be prepared at the touch of a button.
  • MMI touch display – simple to understand and use in an instant


WMF 1500 S +Top Highlights

  • Improved hoppersThe three bean/powder hoppers on the WMF 1500 S have a uniform appearance. In addition to attractive design aspects, the new speciality machine offers the greatest possible choice of coffee varieties: machines equipped with two grinders and powder hoppers also provide the option of using the manual insert for the use of ground coffee.
  • Choc MixerThe newly developed patented Choc Mixer impresses with its easy handling, cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to the magnetic lock, correct insertion of the mixing cup is guaranteed. An integrated sensor also monitors the perfect fit of the mixer wheel.
  • 10-inch touch displayThe clearly structured interactive colour display of the WMF 1500 S facilitates custom designs by selecting your own colour scheme and importing your own beverage images and even videos. Navigation with quick access to the main menu is intuitive thanks to touch and swipe functionality.
  • Automatically height-adjustable spout With the coffee spout correctly positioned, the beverage temperature remains perfect and unsightly splashes of milk on the housing are a thing of the past. To achieve this, the spout height of the WMF 1500 S automatically adjusts to every preset stored for the recipe. The automatic height adjustment is available as standard with the Dynamic Milk System. If deviating results occur, the system automatically adjusts the settings.
  • Dynamic Coffee Assist The revolutionary Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso-based coffee specialities offered by the WMF 1500 S. Once the beverage quality has been set, it is continuously monitored and the most important factors for enjoyment, such as the ground coffee quantity and grinding degree, are automatically adjusted if necessary. This way, brewing time, extraction and value remain consistent and you can be sure to offer your customers consistent coffee quality of the highest level at all times.