WMF 8000 S premium elegant stylish model a trusted machine from day one, enjoy the standards of tomorrow, today.


  • A BRIGHT IDEA the optional light rings not only look good, they make day to day work easier an example it flashes or changes colour if a bean hopper needs filling, so staff are always aware.
  • THE NEW TIMER means you can choose suitable times at which you want to switch the WMF 8000 S on and off, and you can activate individual functions and drinks. This means that you can, for example, set the machine so that fresh milk is used for any drinks made before 6pm but topping powder after that.  Or you can have the machine switch to self-service at a specific time the possibilities are endless.
  • THE CUP LIFT On request can come with a new fully automatic cup tray. This cup lift automatically raises coffee cups or glasses to the ideal height for pouring. Especially in self-service mode. Also available with manual cup lift.


  • SOLID COMPONENTS – The die-forged base frame guarantee a long service life, even for the brewer, which is the heart of the machine.
  • QUIETER FASTER AND TREND SETTER -You can barely hear it, the new high-performance grinders come with extremely fine adjustment and are quiet and fast, but also robust and durable. Timings and fine tuning for high performance significantly reduce down times.
  • NO BACTERIA – The patented plug+clean milk cleaning system effortlessly cleans all parts through which milk flows.  Whilst still complying with the HACCP.  Certified by the technical University of Munich.


  • COLOURS TO MATCH YOUR MOOD -The lighting of side components controlled using a colour scale, set just the right for any ambience or mood.
  • ADVERTISING -While selecting their drink, the owner can take advantage of the user’s attention in self-service by area by displaying advertisements etc…
  • REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR DATA -You can be anywhere at any time but can still overview everything.
  • COFFEE TO GO – Whether small, medium or large can fill any mug
  • INSTRUCTION MANUEL -The touch display user’s text and images to inform the user about current operations.
  • MANUEL FILLING OPTION – Offering other varieties of coffee, such as decaffeinated, if you need to.
  • 4 REMOVABLE HOPPERS -All four product hoppers can be removed using the central locking system.  Making them more practical and makes cleaning the machine a lot easier. Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • THE EASY CLEAN RINSE FUNCTION -Automatically cleans the machine, use the display to activate the practical manual insert option.  Simply insert a tablet and the cleaning cycle begins.
  • RAISED BASE FRAME – The area under the WMF 8000 S can be cleaned effortlessly, 10 cm high (sold separately) adding storage space and more leg room.
  • MORE SPACE – With heights of up to 195mm under the coffee dispenser and 220m under the hot water dispenser enables large containers and make whole pots of tea or coffee.


8000 s

Barista-style” milk foam and extra-hot milk

Simple milk and milk foam settings

The patented Plug+Clean milk cleaning system effortlessly cleans all of the parts which are in contact with milk, while still fully complying with the HACCP.

To automatically clean the machine, use the display to activate the practical manual insert option. Simply insert a tablet and the cleaning cycle begins.

Solid components (such as the die-forged base frame) guarantee a long service life, even for the brewer, which is the heart of the machine.

Using Remote Data Access, you can call up important information from anywhere and at any time.


External dimensions in mm (width / height with bean hopper and lock / depth) 390 / 744 / 598 mm 390 / 744 / 598 mm

Empty weight depending on fittings approx. 76 kg approx. 76 kg

Recommended daily output up to 350 cups

Power rating / rated voltage 3.4 kW – 3.8 / 220 – 240V
Entire hot water output / hour 24l

Energy loss / day (DIN 18873-2) 1.83 kWh

Large coffee bean hopper (rear)each 1000g
Small coffee bean hopper (front)approx.700g
Choc hopper (optional) approx.1200g

Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)<70 dB (A)

Illumination LED class 1