Freshly ground beans brewed in seconds delivering perfect filtered cofffee, the 1200F allows large volumes to be prepared in no time at all.

Six configrable menu buttons enable you to set-up your requirments easily, large volumes of filtered coffee can dispensed at a push of a button. Individul drinks can be customised by selecting the plus or minus symbol delivering stronger coffee or diffrent size drinks.

The WMF1220F is capabile of combining two coffee grinders allowing you to dispense diffrent freshly ground coffee from each.

Maintenance is a breeze, removing the brewing unit is a simple task, simply insert a cleaning trablet to start the fully automatic cleaning  cycle of all the components that have come into contact with the coffee.

Both the 1200F & 1200S have a small footprint and can be utilised in the smallest of spaces.

  • Energy saving solutions by WMF
    The WMF1200F coffee machine has both, an Auto-Switch off as well as an Eco-Mode. You can therefore reduce the energy consumption of your machine when it isn’t being to its full capacity.
  • Flexible drink options and buttons
    The WMF1200F filter coffee brewer makes it possible to programme up to six drink options, such as cup of coffee, mug of coffee or a flask.
    All labels containing drink names, images or prices can be replaced easily.
  • Coffee, just as your customer likes it
    By pressing the + or – button for a short or long time, a drink can be selected individually strong or mild, large or small.


  • Recommended max.daily and hourly output * filter coffee up to 180 cups
  • Rated power / Mains connection 3,4 kW / 230 V
  • Hot water per hour* approx. 24 Lite
  • Size of bean hopper approx. 1000 g
  • Dimensions in mm (Width/ Height** / Depth) 324 (incl.podest for flask 507)/ 682 / 599 mm
  • Empty weight depending on specification approx. 33 – 38 kg
  • Mains water connection Plumbed
  • Continious sound pressure level (LpA) *** < 70 dB (A)


  • Recommended daily output / max. output per hour * up to 100 cups
  • Power rating / mains power connection ** 2.2 kW / 230 V
  • Entire hot water output / hour 17 l
  • Energy loss / day (DIN 18873-2) 0.85 kWh
  • Coffee bean hopper 500 g
  • Choc / topping hopper (optional) 500 g
  • External dimensions in mm (width / height / depth) 324 / 682 / 554 mm
  • Empty weight depending on fittings approx. 33 kg
  • Continuous sound pressure level (LpA) *** <70 dB (A)
  • Illumination LED class 1