A low-maintenance bean-2-cup machine doesn’t mean compromising on flavour. With the WMF 1500S Brewing parameters like the amount of coffee grounds and volume of water can be individually configured for great-tasting drinks.

The WMFSteamJet warms cups in seconds while the optional Easy Milk System delivers not just hot milk, and foam but also cold milk to give you more drink options. And SML (Small-Medium-Large) functionality ensures drinks fit predefined cup and mug sizes.

The intuitive touch panel makes it quick and easy for anyone to choose from the 48 possible drink selections. You can create and store your own custom coffee recipes and images. Along with its dedicated self-service mode, solid build and easy cleaning… the WMF 1500S really does add up to be a hassle-free bean-2-cup coffee machine.

Maintenance is simple with one-touch automated cleaning and a patented Plug + Clean Milk system plus easily removable brewer, grounds containers and dishwasher-safe hoppers.

There’s even remote data access and a timer system for switching the machine or individual functions on and off.