CALI by Crane is built upon the class-leading and highly reliable hot drinks platform from Crane, ensuring your coffee shop solution is open around the clock! Bring the high street coffee shop experience to your location.

DELIVERS –  high quality coffee from beans and fresh leaf tea drinks. The stylish and robust exterior makes CALI the perfect solution for any environment.

DRIVING CONSUMER SATISFACTION – Cali features a touch user interface with visual, backlit touch buttons, provides up to 28 selections of barista-style coffees, freshly brewed teas and indulgent hot chocolate.  This is further enhanced by screen content that can be customized with product and brand advertisements to increase consumer engagement.

BUILT IN DURABILITY & RELIABILITY – Fresh brew models have the Crane Oltre brewer inside, ensuring industry leading reliability and simplicity, tested to over 4 million vends with up to 800 cup capacity, the Crane cup drop unit leads the way in cup drop reliability, tested to over 3 million Class leading energy efficiency with EVA EMP A+ and A ratings CALI uses up to 41% less energy in saving mode.



  • Touch button technology with 5-inch HD video screen
  • Unmatched drink quality
  • Drive higher vend prices through a premium solution
  • Differentiated Offerings to Win New Locations
  • Provide product images and full allergen and nutritional information
  • Supports multiple payment systems, easy to configure knock out system
  • Easy to customise machine appearance
  • Drive Consumer Satisfaction
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