Instant boiling and chilled filtered water

SPACE EFFICIENT With a focus on space saving, Billi Quadras are often less than half the size of comparable products, allowing you to make the most of the available under counter area while offering the largest capacities in the market.

TIME EFFICIENCY With the highest immediate cup rates on the market, the need to queue for hot or chilled drinking is removed with the Billi Quadra.

ENERGY EFFICIENT Billi’s unique energy reclaim systems recover waste heat energy generated by chilled water and reuses the energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby saving energy. By considering composition and construction of each component in every unit, Billi achieves Australia’s lowest carbon footprint. All Quadra units include a 7 day, 24 hour time switch to conserve power. Alternatively the Standby mode  will also conserve power by powering down after a set period of inaction. In addition to being the most energy efficient, the Quadra’s heat exchange technology ensures water usage is absolutely minimal.

SPLASHFREE Billi’s SplashFree boiling water delivery electronically varies the water flow, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as the water first enters the cup. All Billi dispensers are supplied standard with a safety switch.

VENTILATION The Billi Quadra is unique as it does not require cupboard ventilation or ventilation grilles. It has no cooling fan, and instead uses a water cooling system which greatly enhances efficiency, saves space and cuts costs.

NO CUPBOARD VENTILATION REQUIRED The Billi Quadra water cooled units do not require ventilation grilles or a cooling fan.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURES A simple adjustment allows the chilled water to be raised to 15˚C, or lowered to 6˚C for perfectly chilled, refreshing drinks, with your required temperature being quickly reached and maintained. The boiling side is set at 98.5˚C.

NEW DESIGNER TAP RANGE  Following collaboration with architects, designers, engineers and end users, Billi has created an exceptional range of dispensers to suit our Boiling and Chilled systems. Comprising three different styles of tap in four finishes and a corresponding drainage font, this range ticks all the boxes with clean sophisticated style, advanced safety technology, ease of installation and energy efficiency. Comes in 12 stunning and elegant colours. Popular for corporate colour matching.

PREMIUM FILTRATION  Billi premium filters ensure that health threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides are removed leaving you with refreshingly clean drinking water, every time. Replacement filters can be purchased direct from one of our approved merchants or direct Billi by calling 020 7456 6789


  • Quadra Compact (904010)
  • Quadra 440 (904040)
  • Quadra 460 (904060)
  • Quadra 4100 (904100

Quadra compact 340mm x 315mm x 365mm Users 20 100 Boiling/150 cups per hr

Quadra 440 340mm x 315mm x 465mm Users 40 150 Boiling/175 cups per hr

Quadra 460 340mm x 315mm x 465mm Users 60 180 Boiling/175 cups per hr

Quadra 4100 340mm x 315mm x 465mm Users 100 + 280 Boiling/175 cups per hr