Birchall is a fifth generation British tea company with a rich heritage and a passion for “the perfect pick”. Our tea experts specialise in creating speciality and everyday black tea blends, in addition to green teas and fruit & herbal tea infusions.

Deliciously strong our fine English Breakfast

English Breakfast Tea: FTEB-T-10X100 Standard tagged tea bag. Deliciously strong, fine English Breakfast blend is bursting with brightness and flavour. Birchall Great Rift Tea is a fine English Breakfast blend with a uniquely refreshing flavour.

lemongrass_ginger prism


Plastic-free Prism™ Tea Bags release the full flavour of our finely cultivated loose-leaf tea. The distinct shape of our Prism Tea Bags and their unique biodegradable mesh netting allow for the purest infusion. It truly is a perfect pick in a perfect bag.

Earl Grey Tea SKU: BVEG-PT 6X15 prism tea bags. This single origin tea is famously bright, fragrant and perfect anytime.

Birchall Green Tea SKU: B/GT-PT 6X15 prism tea bags.  A purifying and restorative Mao Feng, rich in anti-oxidants.

Peppermint Tea SKU: B/PEP-PT 6X15 prism tea bags.  Fresh, invigorating and perfect as an after-dinner digestif.

Lemongrass & Ginger SKU: B/LG-PT 6X15 prism tea bags.  Lively, spicy and naturally caffeine free.

Camomile SKU: B/CAM-PT 6X15 prism tea bags. Soothing and delicate, aiding digestion and promoting sleep.

Red Berry & Flower SKU: B/RBF-PT-6X15 prism tea bags. Fruity, refreshing, rich in anti-oxidants and naturally caffeine free.


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