Our first choice is the CPI Crane Payments Innovation products designed to be the most reliable, secure, innovative and support all major payment types – cashless, smartcard, contactless, bank card, chip & pin and mobile payments.

Contactless vending made simple, just press, select and vend your products with our contactless card readers, accepts Apple Pay, Android Pay, debit and credit cards.


 CPI Cashflow 7000

  •  Intuitive Cash Management system optimizes payments knowing what cash is on hand so it knows how best to make change.
  • Audit Data on your coin changer and bill validator can be viewed from the Smart Menu.
  • Smart Menu simplifies training and is available in 11 languages.
  • Self-Diagnostics and troubleshooting tips are clearly seen on the LED display.
  • Modular Design allows drivers to change out tubes in field if necessary or clear debris on-site without tools.

CPI Cashflow 8000

  • A myriad of audit collection options including USB, IrDA and Bluetooth® to reducing mistakes and training requirements removes the complexity of audit collection
  • Eliminate ‘lost’ audits by providing a single point of audit on each machine to better manage your field base
  • Sonar technology accurately monitors the amount of change in tube takes the guess work out of unnecessary service calls
  • Integrated cashless reader eliminates duplication of electronic components delivering the lowest cost cash & cashless solution.



Recent studies show that customers are engaged to pay with their credit card or mobile phone – that’s why we chose CPI who design card readers that accept all kind of payment methods.

The CPI card readers’ range is designed to address the challenges of a rapidly-evolving payment industry. It’s ease of install and with the ability to accept the broad range of media consumers carry with them today, makes it the ideal choice for many closed site and semi-public sites, offering operators the ability to create a genuine relationships with their customers and increase their brand loyalty