Commencement of employment and continuous employment
Your employment with Tastebuds Vending Limited would begin (as soon as possible). Your period of continuous employment would begin on the start date

Position 1

Job description (SWINDON Static Vending Operator)
Fill, clean and manage at various locations, various machines including can vendors, hot drinks and snack machines. You will need to become efficient in the cleaning and filling of Crane Merchandising Systems machine range.

You will be given on-going training on and off site.

Position 2

Job description (Warehouse, Wholesale and stock control)

Responsible for the day to day ordering of stock for the company, ensuring that the stock levels are maintained and all stock is rotated. You will be required to move pallets of stock into bays and keep shelves stocked. We operate an electronic stock system to eradicate theft, you will be required do stock takes. You will also need to have over 8 years driving experience with a full manual driving licence as you will be required to deliver stock to our customers. You will be responsible for keeping the warehouse and the company van fleet clean and tidy. Fork lift licence would be a benefit as you will also need to be able to drive one.

Job location(s)
Your place of work will be:
Tastebuds Vending customer’s sites, various locations and warehouse at Head office in Upminster.

Your rate of pay would stat at £16,500 per year.
This will be paid on the 5th of each month in arrears (Net of tax and national insurance), direct to your nominated bank account. Pay slip will be provided.
A staff pension scheme is also available.


Entitlement to Work

You warrant that you are entitled to work in the UK without any additional approvals. You must notify the Company immediately if you cease to be so entitled at any time during your employment.

Hours of work
You are employed to work Full time.
Your normal working hours will be 40 hours per week.
You will work on the following days: Monday Wednesday and Friday.
You will normally work between the hours of 06:00 & 19:00; (9am-11)
You may occasionally be required to work weekends or Bank Holidays.

You will be entitled to 28 days holiday per year, this includes the standard 8 bank holidays.

Sickness absence
You are not entitled to contractual sick pay. You may be entitled to statutory sick pay.

Company Vehicles
A company vehicle may be provided for this position.

All company vehicles are fitted with a data logging device, this unit records information on all journeys, speeds, mileages, times, doors and also location details. This information is used to locate the closest vehicle to site and produce mileage logs, verify working hours and van usage.

Mobile Telephones
The company will issue you a mobile phone for business use, this also keeps stock & cash control.

Company uniform is provided for all employees.

Probationary Period
During the first Six months of employment performance will be monitored as employment is on a temporary basis. The employee will receive confirmation of employment after 6 months if the general manager is satisfied with the employee’s performance and conduct.