The B2 is available as a Countertop or Floorstanding model. In three popular colours: Silver, White and Black.

Simple to use and easy to maintain

The B2’s hot, cold and ambient functions are precision engineered for instinctive operation and effortless maintenance.

Robust build construction

A well-established classic of robust, stylish and timeless construction, the B2 enhances any environment. Influenced by sleek Italian design and Nordic utility, this chilled, ambient and instant hot water dispenser provides distinctive design and function.

Available in Direct Chill or reservoir system

Designed to adapt to different workspaces, the B2 is available as a Direct Chill unit for more demanding environments, or as a reservoir-fed appliance. The versatile B2 water cooler

Bottle conversion kit available

Ideal for situations where the mains fed pressure is inadequately low or might not be convenient. It’s effortless to install and simple to sanitise. This water machine for office use is optimised to respond to the usage demands of any corporate environment.

A classic water cooler dispenser


Chilled temperature 2°C Max 11°C

Hot temperature 90°C Minimum 80°C

Chilled water 25L/h Litres per hour

Hot water 6L/h Litres per hour

Dispense height 185 Millimetres

Power requirements

Hertz 50/Volts 220-240