WMF 9000 S+ One that fulfils the most individual requirements and meets the highest standards of enjoyment at any time.  In a gourmet restaurant or a busy station bistro, the breakfast room of a premium hotel or in the town bakery. A wide variety of drinks for big groups that need to be served quickly on the same level of perfection that can be found in each delicious espresso.

WMF 9000 S+ gives you everything you’ll ever need!

  • Dynamic Milk -milk foam really does taste of milk. Whether hot or cold, fluid, creamy or fluffy and foamy. Hot milk foam:-different consistencies, latte cappuccinoCold milk: milkshakes iced latte
  • Four different consistencies – for hot creations such as café au lait, cappuccino and latte macchiato.
  • Manual milk foamer -For a great barista feeling. If you want to and are able to, you also have the option to create hot milk and milk foam using the Auto Steam and Easy Steam functions as well as use them to heat beverages.
  • SteamJet -Espresso only tastes good when it’s hot. And this is why it needs a preheated cup. No problem with the patented WMF SteamJet, gets every cup to the right temperature in the shortest space of time.
  • Tea lovers– Full aroma for every individual tea type. The WMF 9000 S+ offers three pre-set hot water temperatures to suit different requirements.
  • Dolce – the new chocolate experience. Chocolate preparation redefined: the newly developed Choc mixer by WMF makes handling simpler, runs more quietly and has a longer life.
  • Milky harmony – The optional Dynamic Milk 2-milk solution enables the use of two different milk types, such as additional soya milk or lactose-free milk. Designed for low lactose. New flavour compositions. Up to four bean hoppers enable the creation of new flavour and aroma compositions.
  • Quick and easy cleaning function – that is perfect and simple, quick, fully automatic. that uses a cleaning tablet. The foamer head remains in the machine and does not have to be manually cleaned. And thanks to “Clean in Place”, the milk system cleaning is always HACCP-compliant.


9000 s + picture